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Need more bookings? Bookings Plus4G takes vacation rental marketing to a new level. Social media marketing that works – Presented in easy to follow, step by step videos.

The University Of Bookings

The B+4G system turns conventional “list it and they will come” marketing on it’s head. Go from an owner orientated to a guest centric standpoint and dominate your market.

Communicate with Other Owners

Get free access to our Bookings Plus 4G owners community – Join owners across all 5 continents. Chat, question and learn from owners just like you.


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Alan Egan

Marketing vacation rental properties for over 10 years, Alan leads the way with his, "so easy anyone can do this", over the shoulder video screencast courses that show how the pro's market their properties in this age of social media.

Kevin Riedel

Kevin Riedel is a marketing professional who has worked in both ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. He owns and operates, a site that helps vacation home owners market and sell their unrented and last-minute weeks. Visit for more information.



Amy Blomquist

There is no excuse not to take advantage of Alan’s social marketing course. The days of ‘look at me’ marketing are over. Whether your property is in a big city or rural area – this course will give you all the tools you need to get started. Social media is not going away and why not get the most bang for your buck on the most powerful platform there is.

Amy Blomquist – VR Owner California

I have really enjoyed being on this(social marketing) course and it has enabled me to dive into social media in a completely new way with so many more ideas of what to post about and how to go about it.

It has been great to have someone leading me along every step of the way. Alan is really hands on and always willing to answer questions.

Being part of a community of other people on the course is a great support. Today just my google+ postings have been viewed over 7 million times…that’s in one year. Many thanks Alan!

Naomi Saunders – Holiday Home Owner Cotswolds England
Rae Lipsky, Vacation rental owner, Austrailia

Being introduced to the world of social media using the B+4G system has been an enjoyable and fascinating experience. Alan’s clear style of video presentation and personal support are invaluable to both beginners and the more advanced. Highly recommended.

Rae Lipsky – Multipe VR Owner – Austrailia