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Another Holiday Rental Owners Website Goes Live

      By Alan Egan Another Holiday Rental Owners Website Goes Live Congratulations to Sue and Frutos of CasaTagomago.com, they are the latest owners to go live with their new website after completing the bookingsplus4g.com WordPress for vacation rental owners course. What a lovely site they have created. Have a look around the site […]

Vacation rental floorplans

How 6 Owners Are Benefiting From Showing Floorplans

Flooring Potential Guests With A Floor Plan (news from our B+4G owners community) A few weeks ago we wrote a short post about Flipkey introducing interactive floorplans to their listings. As we said then, it’s about time that the big sites started pushing the boundries with what they offer on their sites and we say […]

Vacation Rental Marketing

Vacation Rental Marketing and My New Phone

I probably shouldn’t share this story with you, it’s a little embarrasing but what the hell, I bought a new smartphone a couple of months ago. A few weeks went by and no one had called me and I was a little dissappointed about that. This phone cost quite a lot of money.

A tale of two rentals

Why Vacation Rentals And A Social Media Strategy

A tale of two rentals – A modern marketing fairytale. Once upon a time there were two identical holiday rentals, rental past and rental future. These two properties stood, side by side, in a clearing in a forest. If you wanted to find these rentals you had to find your way through the forest. Many […]

The Insiders Guide Is Dead

The Insiders Guide Is Dead

The insiders guide is dead The insiders guide is dead! Yep – Dead as a Dodo. There are three reasons for this; Insiders guides are not at all guest friendly Google finds insiders guides boring Insiders guides are out of date as soon as they’re published Don’t misunderstand me. I was one of the first to publish […]

holiday rentals and niche marketing

Niche marketing – No thanks – I’d rather go fishing

Niche marketing – No thanks – I’d rather go fishing I was inspired to write this post because I just read an article on vacation rentals and niche marketing and it said that “as a strategy, niche marketing is aimed at being a big fish in a small pond instead of being a small fish in […]