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How 6 Owners Are Benefiting From Showing Floorplans

Flooring Potential Guests With A Floor Plan (news from our B+4G owners community) A few weeks ago we wrote a short post about Flipkey introducing interactive floorplans to their listings. As we said then, it’s about time that the big sites started pushing the boundries with what they offer on their sites and we say […]

There Are Reviews and There Are Reviews

  Case studies… A short post today looking at two reviews that are the same but very different. When you only advertise with the big listings sites you are constrained by their rules. When you take control of your own destiny and use social media to supplement your marketing efforts you can step away from […]

Vacation Rental Marketing

Vacation Rental Marketing and My New Phone

I probably shouldn’t share this story with you, it’s a little embarrasing but what the hell, I bought a new smartphone a couple of months ago. A few weeks went by and no one had called me and I was a little dissappointed about that. This phone cost quite a lot of money.


Located, located, located

Once upon a time… not long ago, people used to use the phrase, “location, location, location”. Do you remember what it meant? It was traditionally a turn of phrase used by property experts that stated the three most important factors in determining the saleability or rentability of a property. Those factors were,  “Location, location, location”. You […]